Aerial Transceiver Search and YOU?

During a recent search for a missing snowmobiler Search and Rescue (SAR) teams utilized a unique piece of equipment to try and locate the subject, the Barryvox VX 2000 Pro EXT Helicopter Transceiver. This is a great rescue tool with diverse capabilities. It’s primary function allows searchers to cover large avalanche deposits quickly and efficiently without having to put rescuers on the ground with a potential risk of secondary avalanche, however it can also be used to search forested areas where a person may be stuck in a tree well or creek where it may be difficult to see from the air. As with any tool there are limitations. This device has a range of 60m and can only be used when flying conditions allow for it. This search method brings up a few questions to ask ourselves:

  1. Are we always equipped with all the rescue and emergency gear needed to deal with any situation? Do you carry enough gear to spend an unplanned night out on the mountain? What about a 2 way device to reach the outside world when no cell service?
  2. Do you have an emergency plan? Do you tell someone where you are going and check in when you are back? Do you carry 2 way radios to communicate with your riding buds?
  3. Are you familiar with your how to test your transmit range on your transceiver? Transceiver range marketing focuses on how far away you can find someone (receive range), NOT on how far your transceiver transmits its signal (transmit range).
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