Avalanche Canada Trip Planner ‘Issues’

Well for awhile now the once very useful Trip Planner tool from Avalanche Canada is facing some ‘technical issues’.  This is the tool that allows us to see the current avalanche danger ratings along with types of terrain applicable for the day AND where we can download the Avalanche Terrain Exposure Scale map overlays into google earth and DREAM!  This is a major component of the AST 1 and AST 2 programs and we are really hoping that Avalanche Canada can get this thing up and running properly soon!

For now, you can still access the mapping .kml files through a portal link to the OLD AVALANCHE CANADA SITE, however the current bulletin/terrain plotting on the actual trip planner is not available (you will need to do that manually)

The best way to tackle this is to:

  1. Download Google Earth onto your computer – if you haven’t got it already
  3. Select your trip type and ATES rating to find routes – Click off Backcountry Skiing /Out of bounds skiing so SNOWMOBILING is the only choice checked
  4. Zoom into an area where you want to check out (this may take a few clicks)
  5. On the right hand side a black box comes up with “Trips” – this is the tricky part… it won’t necessarily tell you the actuall riding area however it will give you “areas” within that riding area.
  6. Click VIEW for one “trip”
  7. A map will pop up with all of the terrain in that Riding Area
  8. Scroll down and look for the heading “GOOGLE EARTH”
  9. Click ZONE .kml
  10. You have just downloaded the file for that riding area!
  11. Open it with google earth and EXPLORE!

Have fun and let us know if you have any questions!

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