What is a Companion Rescue or Managing Avalanche Terrain Course?

SO you have your AST 1!  Well… SO WHAT… An AST 1 is considered the most basic entry level course that anyone recreating in the mountains in the winter should have.   These ‘NEXT STEP’ courses have been developed by Avalanche Canada to keep your skills growing.  You can repeat your AST 1 Field Day for a nice refresher, but why not step into something that’s going to up your skills AND KEEP IT OUTSIDE!?  We recommend that you have completed your AST 1 in order to attend the Companion Rescue Course but it is mandatory in order to attend the Managing Avalanche Terrain.


Put your skills to the test!  Take off from the AST 1 basics and learn to use the functions of your transceiver. Understand searching out of range and complex burial situations.  This is the stuff you should know if you need to put a rescue into action. LINK


Let’s face it. We travel in avalanche terrain. Come ride with us and start to learn about putting the snow onto the terrain.  Learn techniques to ‘classify’ terrain and practice good travel habits.  This is a great introduction to what the 4 day AST 2 is all about BUT it only takes 1 DAY! LINK

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