End of the Season Jobs

So as we reluctantly start to think about packing winter away until next season there are a few things not to forget!

  • TRANSCEIVER – don’t forget to remove batteries! Batteries left in for a long period of time may cause corrosion that may damage your battery terminals.  You don’t want to be stuck looking for a fix at the start of next season!
  • AIR BAG – well… each one is a bit different, now would be a good time to refer to your manual.  Overall, check you connections, zippers and wear and tear. You may want to deploy your airbag and let sit to check for slow leaks.  If you have empty canisters don’t forget to re-fill for Fall!
  • SHOVEL / PROBE – Did you forget that you lost your handle on your last ride out? Now is the time to make sure your gear is in top shape! Give yourself some time to research new gear over the summer if you need to replace something!
  • TRAIN – keep your skills fresh! Do some transceiver searches in the summer! Hang a transceiver in a tree to represent a deep burial. The higher it is the deeper the burial! What challenges do you have?

See you next season!

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