Gear Check

This is usually when we are pulling out all of our gear and checking it twice! Now is the time to make sure that your probe actually assembles or your shovel handle isn’t still laying in the middle of that last whooped out trail. Is your transceiver software up do date or did your airbag have a manufactures recall?
We have created a ‘GEAR’ page on our website.  We don’t sell gear but we would like to hear from you about what you would like to see here! What things have you always wanted to know and just couldn’t find the answer? Come on you gear junkies… maybe we can answer some of your questions!
Ok.. and just a shout out to your buddies who still have one of these… analog beacon, single antenna transceiverthis is your year to update.

So what is that picture at the top of the page? It is a corroded locking mechanism of a Survival on Snow Probe.   This thing had lived in its bag for “several” seasons and came out for a practice. GOOD THING it was only a practice!

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