We ALWAYS get the question “What is the best gear”?

Well, that really depends on what you like!  There are so many options, we suggest trying them for yourself!  WE have EVERY brand on the market for you to test out on our courses! Our instructors are well versed in the bells and whistles of avalanche transceivers, probes, shovels, backpacks and avalanche airbags!

In the mean time, we don’t need to re-invent the wheel. Check out the Avalanche Beacon Review web site or the gear reviews from Avalanche Canada!

Backpack – this may seem obvious, no? You need a backpack that fits your back and fits your gear.  You also don’t want to pack EVERYTHING on your back or you will quickly become a turtle. See “tips and tricks”

Airbag vs Non-Airbag that is the question…

  • Airbag – Recommended not essential… if you can afford one that’s great! If you can’t… well you can’t.   Just like any other piece of gear you MUST practice with this thing! Read, yes read, the manual. Lube, clean and care for this potential life saving tool! Don’t leave it to freeze up in your trailer over night, learn how to re pack in case you accidentally pull the trigger.. yes this happens and PRACTICE pulling the trigger!  Make sure it fits your essential gear.  If you have your probe or shovel handle flopping around on the outside, it is too small!
  • Regular Backpack – make sure it is comfortable and fits your essential gear.  You can get winter specific packs that have pockets for your tools. This is handy to keep your spare gloves from getting wet from the shovel you just used to dig your sled out of a creek bed.

Shovel – Maybe even 2 shovels? Shovels must be strong. If you got yours from Costco I can guarantee that it is the wrong shovel for sledding in avalanche terrain. We don’t see too many Plastic or “Lexan” shovels anymore which is good riddance!  We have conducted “jump tests” on several shovels and have found some good ones include;




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The most important thing is that you know how to use the gear that YOU have!  You would be surprised with how many people are riding out there that have no idea how to turn their old analog beacons to search, or how to check their battery life in a new digital beacon OR even how to put their probe together! We found that 1 student was sold a secondary transceiving device for his sled that was suppose to be on a different frequency…. however… he was sold the wrong one! IT WAS ACTUALLY transmitting on the same frequency as a regular transceiver!  It completely threw off rescuers in a training scenario!!!  Good job it was a test run!!

PLEASE check out the latest recommendations for ESSENTIAL and RECOMMENDED Avalanche gear put out by Avalanche Canada regarding GEAR!

IS YOUR GEAR OBSOLETE? ….. is your buddies???



 To purchase gear – check out our partners at:

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