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Trigger Point Avalache Services

Guiding in the mountains has been a passion of mine for a long while now. Find a local sled guide and some secret powder stashes through the BC Commercial Snowmobile Operators Association (BCCSOA).

Weather information is key to understanding avalanches.  Diving deeper into weather materials will help you understand what is happening in the areas that you may be riding.

For an introduction to recognizing avalanche terrain and the basics of avalanche rescue, start here with Avalanche Canada’s online avalanche primer. If you’re new to the backcountry, this is a great way to gain an understanding of avalanche safety basics before moving on to an AST 1.

Interested in taking your training further?  This avenue is the introductory course for those wanting to get into the avalanche industry. Check out the Industry Training offered by the Canadian Avalanche Association.

Throttle Decisions is a video series aimed at encouraging mountain sledders to become better trained in avalanche safety.  Its 8 short components touch on the AST Course curriculum looking through topics such as terrain, companion rescue, mountain weather and how to read the avalanche bulletin.

A major component of pre-trip preparation is information gathering. One of the best ways to avoid getting caught in an avalanche is to choose trips that are appropriate for the conditions. To do so, you first need to gather information on current and expected avalanche danger to determine what areas are more susceptible to avalanches than others during that particular time period. Then appropriate routes can be chosen based on its exposure to avalanche terrain.  To help you do this you can find some great information on Avalanche Canada’s TRIP PLANNER TOOL.  This looks at riding areas across BC through Google Earth.


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