What is an Avalanche Professional?

Most folks have no idea what an Avalanche Professional is.  We proudly boast that all of our LEAD instructors are Avalanche Professionals!  There can be a big difference in the training and experience in Avalanche Education Providers.  Avalanche Canada licenses the curriculum to Active or Professional Members of the Canadian Avalanche Association.  Active Members are bound to much tighter restrictions while teaching courses and are limited in the terrain that they can take students.   Professionals need to be employed in the avalanche industry full time and have a very high standard for Continuing Professional Development that is required each year.


So people started to tell us that we needed to talk about ourselves. We really don’t like to do that.. but if you would like to know a few reasons why you should come out with us….
  • Our team has over 100 years of combined experience in the Avalanche Profession!
  • We have the most highly accredited group of instructors teaching snowmobilers in Canada!
  • We follow a professional Avalanche Safety Plan created by US!
  • The guys throw bombs on the snow for a living…. that’s pretty cool
  • We know our stuff.  We are NOT PRO Riders…. ok minus Brodie, We are NOT PRO Photographers, We are just kind of SNOW GEEKS.
  • Teaching courses is done on our ‘days off’ for FUN! Yep… its FUN for us and we hope to make it FUN FOR YOU!

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